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Sex                                        Color                                      Coat                                      Pattern                                     

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Purchase Agreement

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Pickup date                                                                                                           _____________

Purchase Price        $                                
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Balance                      $                                 

Date Paid                                                       

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Evans Creek Farm
Quality AKC Miniature Dachshunds
                                                                  Health Guarantee
Evans Creek Farm (Breeder) guarantees the above described puppy is in good health, free from any contagious disease, has been checked by a licensed veterinarian and has received required vaccinations and de-worming while in breeders care
Breeder guarantees this puppy is a purebred Dachshund and is able to be registered with AKC
Breeder does not guarantee adult size, conformation, ability to breed, or color of this puppy.

Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 2 business days (48 hours) of possession, at the buyer's expense, or this guarantee is void.  If your veterinarian finds a life threatening defect that affects the ability of the puppy/adult to function as a pet, Breeder will require a written report from your licensed veterinarian with proof (tests performed) of the disorder within 10 days of the diagnosis of the condition.  No treatment or surgery shall be done on the puppy until the Breeder is contacted and has time to confer for a second opinion.  Any and all vet expenses are the responsibility of the Buyer and no refunds will be given for veterinary expenses. Breeder may choose (at breeders expense) to have a 2nd opinion from Breeder's veterinarian to validate the disorder.  If after supplying the Breeder with proof of a disorder, one of the two following options will be provided.

1) Should the Buyer choose to keep the puppy, a refund of 50% of the purchase price of the puppy will be made and a refund check will be issued when the buyer's veterinarian provides a spay/ neuter certificate
2) Should the buyer choose to relinquish ownership of the puppy to the Breeder only, then a replacement puppy of the same sex and color/coat/pattern will be given when available.  Any and all papers to transfer ownership back to the Breeder must be signed and accompany the puppy
The Buyer assumes the responsibility for taking the precautionary steps to protect the puppy from dangerous or infected situations until the puppy has finished its series of proper vaccinations.

If the Buyer determines for ANY REASON that they cannot continue to take care of the puppy/adult or need to find it a new home, the Breeder will take the puppy back with no refund of purchase price and no questions asked

Under no circumstances is the Breeder held responsible for any medical services.

If Buyer brings litigation against the Breeder, then such shall be done in Fayette County, Texas.  If such litigation finds in favor of the Breeder, the Buyer shall be responsible for Breeder's attorney fees, expenses and all court costs
  Buyer understands that by reading and signing this contract that Buyer and Breeder agree to adhere to terms and conditions stated herein.

Signature of Buyer___________________________________________________ Date___________                                               

Signature of Breeder_________________________________________________  Date___________