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We as a family love animals.  We have taken in many dogs that needed love, attention, and hope.  Some have found loving homes and some will live the rest of their lives in our family.

  My daughters live together while going to college and have several dogs that live with them.  They discovered, through a campus ad, an adorable double dapple puppy.  We do not breed for double dapples. Because we understand the risks to the puppies of blindness and/or deafness in a double dapple, we would never take the chance of even one puppy being subjected to such a life. But they fell in love with her and with much discussion of the care that a blind/deaf puppy would require, they brought her home.  When they got her, they thought that she may be able to hear, but it is sadly evident that she not only is blind, but deaf also.  She will see a vet soon to have a thorough check-up.
The girls have had Keller only a week, but she has become very comfortable in her area of their kitchen.  She already knows and uses her potty pad (wish all my dachshunds trained that easily!), can find them by their smell, and loves her teddy bear that she sleeps on.
Raising a blind only dog, or a deaf only dog is very challenging in itself.  But how do you go about communicating with a dog that is blind and deaf?  We searched the Internet for advice and have found very little information.  So my girls have decided to write a blog about their discoveries of living with a spunky little girl that has much to teach them about life.  You can read Keller's Blog, Raising Keller and learn what it takes to give her a healthy, happy, and loving life.

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Keller the first night home.Keller at six weeks old.Keller and Hoover playing in a bag!  June 09Hoover cooling his ears and hiding from Keller.  June 09.Hoover never is far from Keller.  He  takes very good care of his sister.  July 09Keller sniffing the air to see who is in the room.  July 09 Keller on watch for Rebecca!  September 09Keller looks as though she can really see you.  September 09Front shot of Keller and John on sofa.   September 09Rear shot of Keller and John on sofa!  She loves to sit on your shoulder.    September 09
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