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by Kathleen Willcutt on 10/07/10

Well, hello!  Welcome to Evans Creek Farm's blog.  My name is Chewie and I will be showing you around the farm and introducing you to all the characters that live here.  There are the cows, the horses, of course the other dachshunds and oh yes, my people.  Lots of interesting things happen here, some good-some not so good, and some funny!  Check back with me regularly and see what is going on "down on the farm"!

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1. Rachael&AliBeth said on 10/7/10 - 04:34PM
I love it! Will be checking back on "Chewie."
2. The Vasiloff's said on 10/8/10 - 01:03PM
Can't wait to see!!!!
3. Beth said on 10/10/10 - 04:11AM
I am waiting for the "rest of the story"..Kind of like Hank the Cowdog?
4. Tammy said on 10/14/10 - 04:51AM
Adorable puppy! We have a long haired miniature dapple dachshund. We would love to add an addition to our family! I really like the chocolate cream & the cream!

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