It's a Dogs Life!
It's a Dog's Life!


by Kathleen Willcutt on 11/16/10

Life here changes quickly around here.  My owner decided to try her hand at showing this weekend.  She got an offer she couldn't refuse from a handler and thought it might be something we both would like to very soon we will be in the show ring!  I don't know what it is all about, but I'm sure my owner will learn all she can to make it a fun experience for me and some of the others.  This is something my owner has wanted to do for a very long time and now she has the time to devote to it.  I'm excited about doing my best for her so check back to see how we do!


by Kathleen Willcutt on 10/07/10

Well, hello!  Welcome to Evans Creek Farm's blog.  My name is Chewie and I will be showing you around the farm and introducing you to all the characters that live here.  There are the cows, the horses, of course the other dachshunds and oh yes, my people.  Lots of interesting things happen here, some good-some not so good, and some funny!  Check back with me regularly and see what is going on "down on the farm"!